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What is Destination

Global Perspectives on Soft Power Management in Business
A place worth seeing, where you leave the place of residence for a certain period of time, and where your needs are usually met as a luxury.
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The Effect of Soft Power on the Selection of a Touristic Destination
Mustafa Aksoy (Ankara Hacı Bayram Veli University, Turkey) and Gül Seçil Tahmaz (Oklahoma City Community College, USA)
Copyright: © 2023 |Pages: 15
DOI: 10.4018/979-8-3693-0250-7.ch019
Through tourism, which is one of the most important activities in bringing cultures closer to each other, there are intense soft power activities in the touristic place where the tourism event takes place, as both the culture that accepts tourists and the culture that is tourist affect each other, with or without awareness. In this study, which was carried out with the methodology of document review in order to reveal the effect of soft power on tourism, considering the data of the United Nations World Tourism Organization in 2022 report which includes the top ten countries that attract the most tourists and get the most income from the world tourism movements with the results of the researches made by the Global Soft Power Index. According to the data obtained, it was tested to reach a judgment by making comparisons with the 2023 Global Soft Power Index ranking. Accordingly, it has been concluded that the countries with the highest ranks in the World Soft Power Index are mostly the countries that attract the most tourists in the world and the most revenue from world tourism.
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Promoting Tourism Destinations Through Storytelling
Denoting a place that people will make a special trip to visit. It can be a city, town, or an area, that is significantly dependent on revenue from tourism. Destinations can be natural areas, town or cities, sport areas, cultural and heritage monuments, and resorts.
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An Evaluation of Tourist Profile, Travel Agencies, and Guidance Services in the Concept of Halal Tourism
This concept can be defined as the destination country, region or place, final destination in tourism movements, as well as the place chosen and/or determined by the people as the point where they intend to go or wants to reach on their trip.
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South African Destination Among African Women Immigrants
The choice location that an immigrant or emigrant is relocating to. This study sees destination as South Africa.
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One Island, Two Nations
Place of arrival that has opportunity of accessibility, includes natural and cultural attractions and touristical products.
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Elitist Tag or Tool for Development: An Empirical Analysis for Tourism Marketing Strategy in Sikkim
It is a place of interest where tourists visit, typically for its inherent or exhibited natural or cultural value, historical significance, natural or built beauty, offering leisure, adventure and amusement.
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COVID-19 and Alternative Tourism: New Destinations and New Tourism Products
The places with different natural attractions and features that will be considered attractive for tourists.
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A New Concept in Tourism: Smart Tourism Destinations
Destination, or tourism destination, refers to an area or region which possesses tourism attractions and appropriate services.
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Consumer Preferences and Key Aspects of Tourism and Hospitality Marketing on Island Destinations
“A destination represents an amalgam of tourism products that collectively offer a destination experience to visitors. For many consumers (be they day visitors or tourists), particularly in leisure tourism, the destination is the principal motivating factor behind the consumer’s decision and expectations” ( Cooper et al., 2008 , p. 475).
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The Destination Preferences of Foreign Tourists During the COVID-19 Pandemic and Attitudes Towards: Marmaris, Turkey
The destination is the place of arrival that attracts visitors with different natural features or attractions. Tourists are influenced by a wide variety of factors while determining their destinations. These factors include the attraction factors of the destination as well as the demographic variables of the tourists.
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Signifying Business Tourism Through Knowledge Sharing and Innovation Processes
The destination is defined in terms of infrastructure, transportation system, manifold attractions, and hospitality facilities within the particular locality where the people are willing to take a tour for purposes of entertainment, businesses, and pleasures.
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Use of Food-Themed Films in Destination Selection
The place to which someone or something is going or being sent.
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Entrepreneurial Eco-Systems for Sustainable Community-Based Tourism Development in Albania: Case Studies of Community Tourism Development
A place displaying enough characteristic to a determined number of visitors so that to be considered as attractive to a traveler.
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Towards Places and Ecosystems: The Integrated Management of Locations, Destinations, and the Living Space
In tourism, a destination is where tourists and visitors travel to, regardless of whether it is a leisure or business journey. A destination can be a city, a region, a landscape or an entire country. A destination consists of attraction points, tourist infrastructure, tourism-related businesses, and a destination management organization, among others.
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Virtual Reality Applications in Tourism
The place where tourism activities occur or the place where tourist go for tourism motivations.
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