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What is Diagnostic Assessment

Handbook of Research on Program Development and Assessment Methodologies in K-20 Education
The process or tool used to measure, diagnose, or identify an issue or problem.
Published in Chapter:
The Need, Use, and Future of Cognitive Diagnostic Assessments in Classroom Practice
Ben Seipel (University of Wisconsin – River Falls, USA & California State University-Chico, USA), Gina Biancarosa (University of Oregon, USA & Center for Teaching and Learning, USA), Sarah E. Carlson (University of Oregon, USA & Center for Teaching and Learning, USA), and Mark L. Davison (University of Minnesota – Twin Cities, USA)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-5225-3132-6.ch001
Given the increases in technology, improvements in cognitive theory, and proliferation of assessments, the differentiation of classroom instruction to meet the individual needs of a diverse student population is overdue (Huff & Goodman, 2007; Leighton & Gierl, 2007). In order to meet the instructional needs of students, K-12 classroom- and university instructors need assessments that not only identify background knowledge, but also measure skills and diagnose troubles of their students (Huff & Goodman, 2007). Thus, the purpose of this chapter is to: a) explain the role and types of assessments in instructional settings, b) identify a gap in classroom assessments, c) describe how cognitive diagnostic assessments can fill that gap, d) identify the theoretical and practical impediments of implementing cognitive diagnostic assessments, and e) provide an example of a cognitive diagnostic assessment (MOCCA) that is overcoming those impediments.
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How CyberCoaching System Works
Measuring for diagnostic purposes (i.e., to identify what has been achieved and what has not been achieved for improving instructional interventions) and learning.
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Engaging Students' Learning in the Built Environment Through Active Learning
Assessment designed to identify skills, knowledge and other attributes which can be used to decide on specific pathways of study, or difficulties in learning which require support.
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From Point A to Point B: Using Assessments to Chart the Path of Integrated Instruction
Tool for determining students’ knowledge and understanding of the lesson objective before the lesson is taught.
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Diagnostic and Formative E-Assessment in Engineering on a Moodle-Based VLE
It is the initial assessment that provides the instructor with information about students’ prior knowledge and misconceptions about any subject.
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