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What is Dialogic

Teacher Reflections on Transitioning From K-12 to Higher Education Classrooms
Conversational in nature; refers to dialogue as central to the task of finding meaning.
Published in Chapter:
Becoming Together: Critical Events Across Early Career Researcher Experiences
Jillian M. Kneeland (University of Colorado, Boulder, USA), Chelsea Rae Kent (University of Colorado, Boulder, USA), Andrea LeMahieu Glaws (University of Colorado, Boulder, USA), and Dan Moore (University of Colorado, Boulder, USA)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-6684-3460-4.ch011
For teachers who exit the classroom to enter higher education, leaving can be heart wrenching and to many, unthinkable and unknowable. Consequently, in seeking change, such as the authors of the stories collected here, they do so to position themselves in ways that allow them to transform educational systems by contributing research-based understandings and offering new and unique ways to challenge the status quo. The authors hope that in sharing their stories they can also develop their own understandings of self as becoming researchers and teacher educators. This collective process shows the criticality of being able to lean on each other to actualize our goals of conducting humanizing education research that centers social justice teaching and results in action-oriented change. A departure from what the academy might expect, the narratives are honest and written with whole hearts as the authors provide insight into who they have been, how they are connected, and who they are becoming.
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Dialogism in the Digital Age: Online Discussion Boards as Constructivist Platforms
A term coined by Russian theorist Mikhail Bakhtin to describe texts or utterances that are in constant communication with previous texts. Posits that everything that is said is in response to what has been said previously or in anticipation of what will be said next. Dialogic texts contrast with monologic texts, which are characterized as one extended statement by a single voice on a single topic.
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Reframing Assessments: Designing Authentic Assessments in the Age of Generative AI
Learning approaches that emphasise open, interactive, and collaborative communication, allowing learners to engage in meaningful conversations and discussions.
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Innovation, Critical Pedagogy, and Appreciative Feedback: A Model for Practitioners
A process of sharing information, based on two-way communication between parties.
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Player Agency, Team Responsibility, and Self-Initiated Change: An Apprentice's Learning Trajectory and Peer Mentoring in Esports
To explore the meaning of something with an understanding that each utterance represents a position of the speaker and an orientation towards a recipient. The meaning of an utterance lies in an understanding of both perspectives.
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Ambient Pedagogies, Meaningful Learning and Social Software
An approach to dialogue which holds that knowledge and understanding develops in a dynamic and relational way, through a process that involves the continuous development of descriptions, or re-descriptions, that arise from being able to ‘adopt the perspective of another’ in a dialogue
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Does the One Who Asks the Question Lead the Way?
The attitude which welcomes questioning of familiar self-perception by others, because it’s the requirement of advanced self-awareness.
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