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What is Digital Asset

Handbook of Research on Technologies and Cultural Heritage: Applications and Environments
A digital asset is any form of binary-format content (text, images or multimedia) protected by right-to-use provisions. A digital asset may have been transformed from an existing artefact by a digitization process that involves hardware, software or a combination; alternatively, it may have been created or born digitally so no physical artefact of it pre-exists.
Published in Chapter:
A Strategy Framework for Digital Heritage
Steven W.P. Wu (National Heritage Board, Singapore)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-60960-044-0.ch023
As digital heritage covers a very broad spectrum of human knowledge and expression, this paper focuses primarily on the cultural heritage space. A three-box, three-layer strategy framework is proposed for managing innovation in digital heritage. The concept for this framework is derived from the Govindarajan Three-Box strategy framework. The three layers identify the major sets of challenges that a digital heritage ecosystem has to address. These are challenges directly relevant to a large museum, challenges in connecting with the broader ecosystem, and synergies with other ecosystems. Each layer is further divided into five components – technology, infrastructure, capabilities, content, services - for a clearer perception of the key drivers of innovation. A strategy framework for digital heritage should necessarily be open and adaptive yet cognizant of the drivers of innovation. These drivers ultimately determine the type of content and services that may be delivered to visitors and users. In the absence of a national digital heritage strategy, a surrogate framework may be used. A detailed Singapore case study of a surrogate framework, iGOV2010, is included for reference and learning.
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Digital Asset Management Concepts
A digital asset is any asset that exists in a digitized form, and is of intrinsic or commercial value to an organization.
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Digital Death: What Happens to Digital Property Upon an Individual's Death
A type of digital property that has financial or sentimental value.
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Regulating FinTech Businesses: The Malaysian Experience
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Making It for the Screen: Creating Digital Media Literacy
An originally created piece of work that has been imported or converted into digital format and therefore can be deployed in any number of digital media. Digital assets can include but are not limited to: photos, videos, music, blog entries, podcasts, files, résumés, and/or any other work created in an academic setting.
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Examining the Impact of COVID-19 on Cryptocurrency Enforcement in the United States
Any content that exists in a digital format and is uniquely identifiable with the right to use.
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