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What is Online Lesson

Basic Communication and Assessment Prerequisites for the New Normal of Education
The form of a remote occupation conducted within a certain temporary framework, in which the teacher leads the individual and group activities of students to create an eigenous educational product to master the students of the material being studied, the upbringing and development of creative abilities.
Published in Chapter:
Digital Communication in the Inclusive Classroom
Ruxandra Folostina (University of Bucharest, Romania) and Cristina Dumitru Tabacaru (University of Pitești, Romania)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-7998-8247-3.ch014
Digital communication is being extensively used, and during COVID-19 pandemic, it has transformed the way teaching is delivered and how learning happens which became even more problematic for children with learning difficulties. The digitalization of education during the lockdown period has forced teachers, children, and parents to develop and enhance their digital skills to maintain and keep ensuring efficient learning. Digital communication can be provided in the educational system by the simple use of email or WhatsApp groups up to the integration of complex digitalized learning programs and software adapted to the specific educational needs of each student. Being digital natives, students nowadays seem more engaged if learning is mediated by the use of digital communication tools. They are opened and interested in participating in educational activities that are technology-based.
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