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What is Digital Cultural Heritage

Digital Humanities and Scholarly Research Trends in the Asia-Pacific
The application of digital technology to the presentation and preservation of cultural heritage (e.g., geographic locations, physical artefacts, intangible attributes, etc.).
Published in Chapter:
The Intersection of Digital Humanities and Artistic Augmented/Virtual Reality Research in Hong Kong
Eugenia S. Kim (Leonardo21 Limited, Hong Kong)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-5225-7195-7.ch002
Immersive media such as augmented reality/virtual reality (AR/VR) environments are growing in popularity both globally and in Hong Kong. In the artistic research sector, these projects may or may not have systematic digital preservation, data curation, or other digital stewardship components built into the creative process. Although digital multimedia preservation has been a long-standing topic of discussion for archivists, the complexity of immersive media projects raises questions regarding best practices and ensuring future accessibility. The author proposes that artistic AR/VR research in Hong Kong could benefit from the application of digital humanities practices, whether it be for archival, research, or further artistic purposes. This chapter reviews case studies in Hong Kong academic institutions to identify existing needs and makes recommendations for incorporating digital humanities practices into the creative and project management processes.
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Cultural Heritage and Digitalization in City Branding
Tangible and intangible cultural heritage assets that are recorded and displayed on a screen by electronic means.
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Results of the Research in the Comparison and Analysis of Historical Artifacts' Photographic Images Catalogued in Online Databases: The Case of a Roman Stele From Ravenna
A collection of images, textual, video, etc., information with a remote access through Internet (e.g., EDCS, ARACHNE and PATER). The digital content and materials present and describe human knowledge and cultural manifestations. Although there is a constant evolution from capture to storage in 2D or 3D image format, for example.
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Digital Cultural Heritage
Heritage that can be processed, modified, and shared in a virtual space of archaeological, historical, artistic, and cultural attractions.
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Intangible Cultural Heritage in the Digitalization Process: The Case of Turkey
This concept refers to cultural and scientific resources related to digitally created human knowledge and expression.
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