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What is Digital Culture

Business Management and Communication Perspectives in Industry 4.0
A type of culture that separates an organization from others and executes digital transformation.
Published in Chapter:
Understanding Digital Congruence in Industry 4.0
Berna Ulusoy (Hochschule Fresenius University of Applied Sciences, Germany)
Copyright: © 2020 |Pages: 15
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-5225-9416-1.ch002
Industry 4.0 is a type of revolution that brings profound changes around the world. Industry 4.0 has both broadened the scope of digital transformation and raised its importance to organizations. The interconnection of digital and physical processes is fundamentally increasing. In this respect, digital transformation becomes a major driving force of Industry 4.0 for organizations. While Industry 4.0 presents key opportunities to boost competitiveness and promotes digital change, development of digital capabilities is significant for organizations to be better prepared to implement these advances. Thus, according to some authors, digital capabilities refer to digital congruence. Digital congruence relates to culture, people, structure, and tasks in organizations. It is therefore considered that explaining the link between digital congruence and Industry 4.0 will provide a unique insight into the research agenda of Industry 4.0.
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The Future of Maritime Business Management and Leadership in Global Business Sustainability and Remote Work
Digital culture is defined as a new form of culture in which the culture of humanity will digitalize and turn into a new form. Digital culture is the whole of the lifestyle and habits created by the innovations brought by the age in which human beings live, technology taking more place in daily life.
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Demystifying Corporate Restructuring Strategy Through Digital Transformation: Lessons Learned From the Banking Sector of Zimbabwe
Refers to shared values and norms emanating from the utilization of disruptive digital technologies and tools. Digital culture shapes how the organization interacts with its internal and external stakeholders.
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Digitalization of Labor: Women Making Sales Through Instagram and Knitting Accounts
It refers to the cultural influence of new media environments and digitalization process. According to some approaches, digital cultures have emerged with new media phenomenon.
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Investigating Social Media Addiction in the Context of Digital Storytelling
It is the application of the behaviors that individuals perform in their daily lives in digital environments.
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Production and Consumption in the Relationship Between Digital Culture and New Communication Technologies
It is where digital technologies play a central role and refers to one of the important types of culture today.
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The Changing New Face of the Concept of Crime in the Digital Age: Cyber Crime
It is the habits acquired as a result of the innovations brought by the period we live in and the technology taking more place in daily life, it is a way of life.
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Information Literacy in Virtual Environments: Changing Needs of P-12 Learners
Society (post Internet) is connected online through mobile devices and computer networks across time and space.
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Online Representation of Culinary Heritage in Turkey in the Context of Cultural Policies
A term to describe the changing relationship between the ways how culture is created and consumed and how new information technology has an effect on this changing relationship.
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The Digital Cultural Identity on the Space Drawed in Virtual Games and Representatıve
Briefly, it is a form of new culture that is formed with digitalization. The digital term in digital culture is used for electronic systems that store, process and transmit digital speech encoded in the form of a digital sequence.
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Renaming Citizenship: An Evolution From Social Citizenship to Digital Citizenship
A concept describing how technology and the internet are shaping the way that humans interact and the way that they behave, think, and communicate within society.
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Digital Transformation and Skill Acquisition: Enablers and Barriers for Today's Workforce
A set of competencies that characterise the ability to utilise technologies for a comfortable life in a digital environment, for interacting with society and solving digital problems in professional activities.
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The Status of Digital Culture in Public Relations Research in Turkey: An Analysis of Published Articles in 1999-2017
Digital culture refers to not only values, agreements, thoughts in today’s society but also how people communicate within that society.
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A Netnographic Approach on Digital Emerging Literacies in the Digital Inclusion Program AcessaSP - Brazil
The term is used to represent a clear and almost total transformation of the world by digital technology. Has been used frequently by movements that have championed issues ranging from practical hacker and digital to independent music and solidarity economy.
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Digital Transformation in Organizations and Its Impact on Knowledge Management: A Quantitative Study
Sets of fundamental skills, competences and knowledge relating to the use of digital technologies by businesses and citizens, as well as by society at large.
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Close to Reality in the Digital Era: The Batman Trilogy
Digital culture refers to the culture that has emerged from the widespread use of digital technologies, including the internet, social media, and mobile devices. It encompasses the social norms, behaviors, and values that have developed within this environment, as well as the ways in which people use and interact with digital technologies.
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