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What is Digital Curation

Digital Capitalism in the New Media Era
This refers to digitally saving and curating content for further use by others. These maybe in the form of art, videos, audio files and other formats.
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Digitally Empowering Women Through Community Radio and Mobile Storytelling in India
Soumya Jha (Bennett University, India), Vishesh Redhu (Bennett University, India), Navodita Pande (Bennett University, India), and Minja Bolesnikov (Swiss School of Business and Management, Serbia)
Copyright: © 2024 |Pages: 23
DOI: 10.4018/979-8-3693-1182-0.ch004
In the post-COVID-19 era, digital empowerment has become significant, especially with reference to media messages and communication technologies being used to financially empower citizens. As past histories of media are leaving behind a legacy of analog and archaic forms of media content creation, new technologies are building the ‘media archaeology' of past traditions, heritages, epistemologies to generate meanings, and dialogue for new means of storytelling, thereby preserving heritage in ‘digital formats'. The study has some broader mission and objectives with more specific research questions: What are the key themes of digital literacy among community radio practitioners? Which theoretical frameworks can define digital literacy? What are the different tools of digital empowerment? Is there an emerging ‘empowering relationship' among women content creators and consumers?
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Curation of Your Online Persona Through Self-Care and Responsible Citizenship: Participatory Digital Citizenship for Secondary Education
Digital curation is akin to flower gardening in that you select, maintain, and save useful items while weeding the unwanted. The goal of digital curation is to form an online repository of valuable assets with benevolent intention.
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Digital Literacy for the 21st Century
The capacity to select, sort, synthesize and display digital content.
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The Concoct of Digital Preservation in Open Access: A Case of the University of Botswana Research, Innovation, and Scholarship Archive
Professional principle of providing collection development, management, preservation, archiving digital asserts, and providing access to electronic information resources. It is generally the process of strategically establishing and developing electronic repositories and adding value for long term access.
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Electronic Theses and Dissertations (ETDs)
The active management, preservation, and enrichment of digital resources.
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Transformative eLearning and Portfolio Careers in Higher Education
Process for selecting, maintaining, and archiving digital assets for present and future use.
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The Challenges of Digital Museum
Digital curation is a framework of digital information processing and digital content generation involving steps such as digital imaging, object digitization and scanning, and digital visualization and display. The artefacts will be stored in a digital format with metadata description for further retrieval.
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