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What is Digital Narrative

Handbook of Research on Transmedia Storytelling and Narrative Strategies
Creating a digital story about personal or narrative expressions, myths, historical stories, etc.
Published in Chapter:
Digital Storytelling as a Part of Participatory Culture in Communication and Public Relation Practices
Yeliz Kuşay (Marmara University, Turkey)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-5225-5357-1.ch014
The digital content that constitutes the main material of the participatory culture put the digital storytelling concept with the creation of digital stories to the agenda. Users exhibit digital narratives as part of participatory culture by combining their imagination skills, editing skills, problem solving skills, creators, ideas they want to tell or share, with the possibilities provided by digital media. In the scope of the study, the elements of digital storytelling, communication, and public relations which are used by different disciplines are emphasized. In the context of these elements, examples of communication and public relations in the world and in Turkey are being interpreted. As a result, the digital storytelling activities that are important in the participatory culture are evaluated in terms of their reflection on communication and public relations practices, contribution to the field, and the aspects that need to be considered.
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The Viewer-Participant Performing Morality in Interactive Storytelling  in Bandersnatch
Story produced by digital means. The focus is on the process of storytelling transformation and abstraction.
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