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What is Digital Pedagogy

Handbook of Research on Applied Learning Theory and Design in Modern Education
It is mainly a critical pedagogical approach, exploits thoughtfully digital tools in learning, and examines in depth their impact on applied pedagogies.
Published in Chapter:
Digital Pedagogy from the Perspective of Early Childhood Education
Michael Vitoulis (Alexander Technological Educational Institute of Thessaloniki, Greece) and Evangelia Laloumi-Vidali (Alexander Technological Education Institute of Thessaloniki, Greece)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-4666-9634-1.ch005
The context of this proposed chapter attempts to approach the concept of “digital pedagogy” focused on particular educational conditions of preschool education. It attempts to support the compelling reasons that require broadening the scope of the theory of “digital pedagogy” in early childhood education. It looks forward to the articulation of traditional pedagogical theories in conjunction with the fundamental principles of “digital pedagogy”, elaborates further risks and suggests possible limitations, and highlights a deliberation associated with digital pedagogy from the perspective of early childhood education. It describes a framework for implementing digital pedagogies in order to exploit the professional development of early childhood educator.
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Tools and Techniques of Digital Education
The process of using digital technologies in the teaching and learning process is known as digital pedagogy.
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Contemporary Theories of Learning and Pedagogical Approaches for All Students to Achieve Success
When digital and/or electronic tools allow the educational experience to be transformed so students can create and share content.
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ICT Policies on Structural and Socio-Cultural Participation in Brussels
A paradigm that implies recognizing that access is the beginning of ICT policy and not the end of it, because of the need for education.
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Quaran-Teens 2020 Blog Series: Collaborative Digital Auto-Ethnography During the COVID-19 Pandemic
Is the process of teaching and learning by suing digital tools and technologies when there is a need to turn to digital schooling especially during crisis.
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