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What is Digital Social Innovation (DSI)

Organizational Transformation and Managing Innovation in the Fourth Industrial Revolution
Innovation that uses digital technologies to enable or help carry out SI.
Published in Chapter:
Digital Social Innovation: Fundamentals and Framework of Action
Alicia Guerra Guerra (University of Extremadura, Spain), Lyda Sánchez de Gómez (University of Extremadura, Spain), and Carlos Jurado Rivas (University of Extremadura, Spain)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-5225-7074-5.ch010
The fusion of the social economy with the digital economy, together with the essential need for social organizations to innovate in order to face challenges not satisfied by using traditional methods, led to what is known as digital social innovation: the use of digital technologies to allow or help to carry out social innovations. We are facing a developing field of study, in full evolution and with a high and recent level of global activity, which makes it a true global movement. This, together with the fact that DSI practices still lack unanimous and systematized criteria, calls for identifying what DSI is and what should be understood by it. Therefore, this chapter aims to configure and illustrate the conceptual framework of DSI, detail the barriers that are limiting its momentum, and formulate a general scheme of action for good practices in DSI.
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Social Innovation as a New Social Policy Tool for Regional Government Institutions in Smart Territories
DSI is a social and collaborative innovation in which innovators, users, and communities collaborate using digital technologies to tackle social challenges and change people's lives.
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