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What is Pygmalion Effect

Approaching Disparities in School Discipline: Theory, Research, Practice, and Social Change
Aka, self-fulfilling prophecy. The phenomenon describing the effect of teacher perceptions of students on student performance.
Published in Chapter:
Digital Storytelling: A Student-Centered Approach for Shifting the School Discipline Narrative Using Story, Technology, and Data as Interventions
Kisha Solomon (Independent Researcher, USA)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-6684-3359-1.ch007
Storytelling is an effective technique for resolving disputes and conflict while preserving relationships, self-image, and cultural standards. With increased access to the internet and social media, digital storytelling has become instrumental in spurring awareness and change in areas of social injustice and inequality. This chapter briefly examines the science and culture of storytelling and explores the use of digital storytelling in multiple contexts. The author establishes evidence-based support for the use of storytelling and/or digital storytelling 1) to mitigate educator bias in school discipline policy and practices; 2) to counteract and/or reduce negative psychological, emotional, and cultural impacts of excessive or disparate disciplinary practices; 3) to increase cross-sector awareness, advocacy, and engagement on exclusionary discipline issues. The author also proposes a counter-storytelling method for enhanced qualitative and quantitative data-gathering in school discipline cases.
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The Fallacy of Higher Education as the Great Social Equalizer: Racial Identity, Implicit Bias, and Achievement
When someone’s performance is affected by someone else’s expectations for that person.
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Framework to Navigate the Virtual Classroom Space
A psychological phenomenon wherein high expectations lead to improved performance in a particular area.
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