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What is Digital Strategy

COVID-19's Impact on the Cryptocurrency Market and the Digital Economy
Is the blueprint that tailors the company’s strategy within digital economy.
Published in Chapter:
Digital Transformation: Opportunities and Challenges
Ahmed Chemseddine Bouarar (University of Medea, Algeria), Smail Mouloudj (University of Medea, Algeria), and Kamel Mouloudj (University of Medea, Algeria)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-7998-9117-8.ch003
Digital literature has provided significant insights into how digital transformation contributes to improving business performance. This research departs from these studies by focusing on driving factors of digital transformation and digital transformation strategies. Moreover, the authors determine the impact of digital transformation on firm performance and identify the challenges of adopting digital transformation. The results show that successful digital transformation can speed up the pace of innovation, increase productivity, improve customer experiences and satisfaction, reduce costs, and improve business performance. The results also revealed that major barriers to digital transformation include lack of knowledge, lack of digital expertise, poor digital leadership, resistance to change, inflexible culture, unclear vision and objective, lack of collaboration and alignment. These results will help to illuminate the complex issue of how to set an effective digital transformation.
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Artificial Intelligence and Backshoring Strategies: A German-Italian Comparison
The company strategic plan that focus on the use of digital resources, such as technologies, digital skills, and capabilities to achieve one or more business goals and to improve business performance.
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Digital Maturity Models: A Holistic Framework for Digital Transformation
Using digital resources to fulfil customer expectations and to digitally transform business processes with an open-minded mentality to triumph in business models.
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Digital Transformation: Technology and New Business Models as Drivers of Customer Experience
A plan to achieve competitive advantage through improved customer experience by making use of data assets and technology-based initiatives.
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Key Pillars for Digital Transformation of the Developing World
In this context, the term refers to a plan that employs digital initiatives to achieve digital transformation in developing countries.
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