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What is Diglossia

Natural Language Processing for Global and Local Business
Is a phenomenon appearing within some populations with a rich cultural heritage; in this situation people use more than one language at the same time.
Published in Chapter:
Sentiment Analysis of Arabic Documents: Main Challenges and Recent Advances
Hichem Rahab (ICISI Laboratory, University of Khenchela, Algeria), Mahieddine Djoudi (TechNE Laboratory, University of Poitiers, France), and Abdelhafid Zitouni (LIRE Laboratory, University of Constantine 2, Algeria)
Copyright: © 2021 |Pages: 25
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-7998-4240-8.ch013
Today, it is usual that a consumer seeks for others' feelings about their purchasing experience on the web before a simple decision of buying a product or a service. Sentiment analysis intends to help people in taking profit from the available opinionated texts on the web for their decision making, and business is one of its challenging areas. Considerable work of sentiment analysis has been achieved in English and other Indo-European languages. Despite the important number of Arabic speakers and internet users, studies in Arabic sentiment analysis are still insufficient. The current chapter vocation is to give the main challenges of Arabic sentiment together with their recent proposed solutions in the literature. The chapter flowchart is presented in a novel manner that obtains the main challenges from presented literature works. Then it gives the proposed solutions for each challenge. The chapter reaches the finding that the future tendency will be toward rule-based techniques and deep learning, allowing for more dealings with Arabic language inherent characteristics.
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Multilingualism in International Business
Two languages or language varieties exist in a community or society and are used for different purposes or functions.
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Acquisition and Maintenance of the Indigenous Chamorro Language in the Youngest Generation in Guam
A language situation in which, in addition to the primary dialects of the language or a vernacular language variety (labeled L ), there is a very divergent, highly codified superposed language (labeled H ) in a single community.
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An Analysis and Levelling of Reading Texts Across Arabic Textbooks Based on the CEFR Proficiency Levels
A situation where a language has two varieties; a high prestigious variety for formal, academic and literary contexts and a low informal variety for everyday communication.
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Online Orthographies
A sociolinguistic situation characterized by the simultaneous use of two language varieties, which are usually in complementary distribution. The High (H) variety is standardized, it is ascribed more prestige and it is used in formal situations and in writing. The Low (L) variety is used in oral informal communication and it, generally, does not have a standard official orthography.
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