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What is Discovery-Based Learning

Cognitive and Affective Perspectives on Immersive Technology in Education
Discovery-based learning is a constructivist-based approach to education as students seek to learn through continuous inquiry and experience.
Published in Chapter:
The Use of Mobile Learning Technologies in Primary Education
Mark Anthony Camilleri (University of Malta, Malta) and Adriana Caterina Camilleri (Malta College of Arts, Science, and Technology, Malta)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-7998-3250-8.ch013
This research explains the rationale behind the utilization of mobile learning technologies. It involves a qualitative study among children to better understand their opinions and perceptions toward the use of educational applications (apps) that are available on their mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets. The researchers organized semi-structured, face-to-face interview sessions with primary school students who were using mobile technologies at their primary school. The students reported that their engagement with the educational apps has improved their competencies. They acquired relational and communicative skills as they collaborated in teams. On the other hand, there were a few students who were not perceiving the usefulness and the ease of use of the educational apps on their mobile device. This study indicates that the research participants had different skillsets as they exhibited different learning abilities. In conclusion, this contribution opens avenues for future research in this promising field of study.
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Active Learning Strategies for Online College Classrooms
A technique that allows people to learn by doing by drawing on their own past experiences.
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