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What is Centralization

Encyclopedia of Information Technology Curriculum Integration
This refers to the process of concentrating authority and decision making in the center, or at the top of the hierarchy, of an organization. When this concept applies to teaching, it may mean that teachers make the curricula for the students. The teachers select instructional methods according to their own preferences. The teachers make a decision as to how much students need to learn from them and the curricula, and the evaluation method is normally formal. In some other cultures such as in China, centralization may mean that teachers teach to tests, expound on required textbooks. Teaching is characterized by the teacher-dominated mode of instruction.
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Distance Learning Specialists
Viktor Wang (California State University - Long Beach, USA)
Copyright: © 2008 |Pages: 5
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-59904-881-9.ch042
As Rhoda (2005) notes, “advances in technology have transformed the way in which the academy offers its curricula” (p. 149). Further, the proliferation of advanced technologies for teaching and learning has been said to help provide better access, convenience, and flexibility as a way to support learners’ educational opportunities (Conceicao, 2006). Nowadays, simple physical separation between the teacher and learner is no longer an effective way of describing distance education. Scholars try to define distance education from every imaginable angle they can think of due to the nature of innovative technology.
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Leading the Organizational Dynamics of E-Business Firms
Centralization means that the decision authority is located near the top of the organization. If the decision authority is pushed downward to lower organizational levels then the company is called to be decentralized.
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Social Network Analysis: Basic Concepts, Tools, and Applications
In this chapter is a set of metrics such as degree centrality, closeness centrality, Katz centrality, and so forth that permit us to know in which extent a user within the network is central.
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Understanding the Nature of Deviant Workplace Behaviors
Fact that many decisions are taken by senior managers.
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Social Networks and Analytics
Centralization refers to the degree to which a network is dominated by a single node.
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Local E-Government Partnerships
The extent to which a social network is centered on a small number of individuals or a core agency.
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Brazilian Government’s Training Network for Digital Inclusion: Analysis of Strategies for Improving Interactivity
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