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What is Textual Analysis

Handbook of Research on Didactic Strategies and Technologies for Education: Incorporating Advancements
A research methodology used to describe and interpret the content, structure, and functions of the messages contained in texts.
Published in Chapter:
Don’t Trash Your Spam!: Reasoning on Spam as a Way to Train Critical Thinking
Manuela Delfino (Scuola sperimentale secondaria di I grado "don Milani" - Genova, Italy)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-4666-2122-0.ch070
Some activities that are typically regarded as “a waste of time” may inspire useful experiences in school contexts. This is the case of spamming. As competent users of digital technologies, we do everything we can in order to block spam messages (e.g., by choosing, training and updating anti-spam filters), but as teachers we can find that also in spam there is an educative potential that it is worth cultivating. This chapter presents a reflection based on an educational experience realized in a lower secondary Italian school during a course on Digital Literacy aimed at making students aware of different synchronous and asynchronous communication tools. In the activity presented here, the focus was on the analysis of different spam and phishing messages. Interacting within a wiki environment, students had the chance to reflect on the different elements that should be taken into account to detect strange and dangerous e-mail postings.
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Can the Subaltern Play and Speak or Just be Played With?
Including various forms textual analysis (e.g., semiotics), which treats popular culture texts as those embedded social, political, and cultural meaning, an approach utilizing textual analysis examines as cultural products saturated with narratives, ideologies, and discourse.
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Case Study: Under Armour Hack
A methodology that is used often in media studies. It is the process of performing an educated guess at the most likely interpretations of a text. A textual analysis is one way to interpret reality.
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Critical Media Literacy and Relations of Power: Connecting to Digital Citizenship and Ethics
A method for analyzing texts (both print and non-print media) in institutionally-located contexts that come with implied instructions for reading and establishing authorization. When texts self-constitute as factual, then differences (e.g., contrary viewpoints) are said to add up to a micro politics ( Stanley, 2018 ).
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Issues and Methods for Access, Storage, and Analysis of Data From Online Social Communities
Natural language processing and machine leaning techniques applied to investigate linguistic features of user interactions in a social network ( Roberts, 1997 ).
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Game Literacy: Assessing its Value for Both Classification and Public Perceptions of Games in a New Zealand Context
Is conceptualized as the meaning that emerges when the text is actualized or practiced (read, in the case of a novel, played, in the case of a game). Textual analysis expresses how text ‘is unmade, how it explodes, disseminates – by what coded paths it goes off’ (Barthes, 1977) under the control of the player.
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