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What is Doxing

Handbook of Research on Combating Threats to Media Freedom and Journalist Safety
Extraction and publication of private, identifiable information about an individual with the intent to cause harm.
Published in Chapter:
Digital Threats and Attacks on the Philippine Alternative Press: Range, Responses, and Remedies
Ramon R. Tuazon (Asian Institute of Journalism and Communication, Philippines & 
Asian Media Information and Communication Centre, Philippines) and Therese Patricia San Diego Torres (Asian Institute of Journalism and Communication, Philippines)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-7998-1298-2.ch001
In the Philippines, the assault on the press has gone digital. While Filipino journalists continue to face physical, verbal, and legal threats and attacks, cyber-attacks and online harassment/trolling were identified in 2018 as the second worst threat against them, after low wages and poor working conditions, according to the International Federation of Journalists and the Southeast Asia Journalist Unions. Websites of news outlets have also been hacked and taken down. These challenges make the press vulnerable to self-censorship and may even lead to fatal outcomes. This chapter seeks to fill the gap in the literature on the digital types of assault on the Philippine alternative press, focusing on the experience of alternative news media outlets—independent media particularly critical of the government. It explores the range of such threats and attacks and the responses, legal frameworks, and remedies in place that are used to combat dangers of this nature.
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Barriers, Issues, and Similarities Among Women in eSports and Similar Mixed Gender Sports: Ascertaining Common Ground
Dox is slang for “documents” and doxing refers to “dropping” or revealing private personal documents or typically over the internet.
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Workplace Cyberbullying and Its Impact on Productivity
A mode of cyberbullying by openly or publicly revealing sensitive or very personal information of the victim without the consent of the person, with the intention of embarrassing or humiliating the victim.
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Educating the Public to Combat Online Defamation, Doxing, and Impersonation
Doxing of an individual involves the publication of an individual’s private information such as his home address or family members.
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Detecting Sexual Harassment in Workplace Electronic Communications Networks: The Role of “PROTEGER” for Augmentive Behaviour Monitoring
The posting of documents and personal information that is done within the law. For example, making public domain documents about a public figure hosted on one website available on another.
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The Escalating Cyberbullying Menace Through Social Media Platforms in Developing Countries Including India: The Social Media Vulnerabilities Due to Excessive Usage
The term doxing is derived from the word “dox” a slang used in the game theory, as a slang called dropping dox, that writer Mat Honan wrote in the 1990s.
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Conceptualizing Causative Factors of Workplace Cyberbullying on Working Women
Is a kind of cyberbullying in the workplace or any place where the bullies search for and publish private or identifying information about a particular individual on the Internet, typically with malicious intent.
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