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What is Industrial Development

Handbook of Research on Nurturing Industrial Economy for Africa’s Development
Is the building and growing of industries within an economy by using new technologies which make jobs easier, faster, and better and lead to an increase in a business' output and an increase in profits.
Published in Chapter:
Early Childhood Investment for Future Economic Growth and Industrial Development in Tanzania
Ignasia Renatus Mligo (University of Dodoma, Tanzania)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-7998-6471-4.ch003
Early childhood investment in young children 0-8 years is important. It offers a good start in life involving caring, nurturing, and safe environment to children who are the future hope of any society and nation. This chapter seeks to clarify the significance of investing quality early childhood education services for future industrial development and economic growth in Tanzania underpinned by economic growth perspectives. This chapter reports findings from an interpretive phenomenological design in three Teacher education and preschool settings in Tanzania with 10 tutors, 8 preschool teachers, and 8 parent participants. Data was generated using semi-structured interviews, focus group discussions, and documentary reviews. Findings indicated that parents and community from the areas studied lack knowledge of benefits of early investment in education. The study recommends the need for effective future practice directed at improving human development in early years in Tanzania. To achieve these aims, government policy planners need to locate favorable teaching and learning environments.
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More Results
Analysis of the Sustainable Development Concepts in the Logistics Industry
An improvement in production processes within the economy that is determined by natural and social factors.
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Educational Changes and Teacher Identity in Tanzania: Implications for Industrial Development
The growth of industrial sector as a result of initiatives taken by the government in collaboration with other individuals.
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