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What is Early Intervention

Handbook of Research on Interdisciplinary Preparation for Equitable Special Education
Services and supports provided to infants and toddlers with developmental delays or disabilities and their families to support development. Early intervention services provided through Part C of IDEA are specifically designed to increase family capacity to support child development in natural environments (e.g., locations and activities in which the child and family typically participate).
Published in Chapter:
An Interdisciplinary Case-Based Approach to Preservice Interprofessional Training
Rebecca G. Lieberman-Betz (University of Georgia, USA), Jennifer A. Brown (University of Georgia, USA), Cynthia O. Vail (University of Geogia, USA), and Sarah D. Wiegand (New Mexico State University, USA)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-6684-6438-0.ch012
This chapter focuses on an innovative interdisciplinary training to support preservice professionals in provision of early intervention services to young children with high-intensity needs and their families. A brief review of the literature on interprofessional education in early intervention/early childhood special education practice fields, adult learning, and case-based methods of instruction is presented. Building on that foundation, a two-year, interdisciplinary personnel preparation program is described, with specific emphasis on a two-day interprofessional training event. During the training interdisciplinary faculty and families delivered content on early intervention and used a progressing case study to allow students to apply newly learned content in interdisciplinary teams. Lessons learned and implications for future training to support interdisciplinary collaboration among professionals and families are discussed.
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Early Intervention in Child Development
It consists of programs developed for families of infants and young children who have developmental delays or inadequacies or are at risk.
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Enhancing Professionals' Interdisciplinary Competencies: Meeting the Needs of Children With Disabilities From Diverse Communities
Intervention that consists of services and supports provided in natural environments (e.g., homes) to young children with developmental delays and disabilities age zero until the age of three and their families.
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The Potential of Community Corrections to Reduce Mass Incarceration in the USA
A correctional theory that emphasizes the need to intervene with at-risk children to prevent them from engaging in criminal and/or delinquent behavior.
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Mobile Tracking for Mental Health and Wellbeing
Intervening early in the progression of mental health disorders with people who are experiencing mild symptoms but not yet diagnosable mental disorders.
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Literacy and Deaf and Hard of Hearing Multilingual Learners
Refers to services provided to babies and young children who are identified as at risk for poor achievement results.
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