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What is Education in Technology

Handbook of Research on Hybrid Learning Models: Advanced Tools, Technologies, and Applications
Education is always the highest priority in blended learning. Learning and teaching, pedagogy and educational theory are the main considerations but winged by educational technology. Seeks by contrast insights into the meaning of technology – its relation to the trans-technical: art and literature, humanities and socio-cultural issues – being with non-technical aspect of the human world (in this case is education) and considers how technology may (or may not) fit in or correspond. The thoughtful revisiting and redesign of learning and teaching may or may not lead to the uses of certain educational technology based on disciplinary needs.
Published in Chapter:
In Love and War: Blended Learning Theories for Computer Scientists and Educationists
Esyin Chew (University of Glamorgan, UK), David A. Turner (University of Glamorgan, UK), and Norah Jones (University of Glamorgan, UK)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-60566-380-7.ch001
Blended learning involves the combination of two fields of concern: technological and instrumental considerations are, to a greater or lesser extent, combined with pedagogy and educational theory. The result of this is that blended learning suffers from considerable difficulties of definition, and its theoretical foundation is correspondingly weak. For this reason it is desirable to expose the philosophical and theoretical foundations of blended learning to critical scrutiny. Creating a foundation for blended learning will involve an examination of the gap between the paradigms and practices of educational theory and educational technology. The result should be a space within which academics from the diverse disciplines involved may be able to discuss and resolve their problems. This chapter will explore the contrasting disciplinary perceptions and suggest a sketch for blended learning theory.
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