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What is Educational Technology (Edtech)

Transforming Education With Generative AI: Prompt Engineering and Synthetic Content Creation
Educational technology is the use of technology, tools, and digital resources to enhance and support teaching and learning.
Published in Chapter:
Empowering Faculty Vitality and Mitigating Burnout Through Generative AI in Higher Education: Reimagining Learning Environments With Generative AI
Stacy Ybarra (Our Lady of the Lake University, USA)
DOI: 10.4018/979-8-3693-1351-0.ch014
In today's dynamic landscape of higher education, the pervasive issue of faculty burnout has emerged as a pressing concern, casting a shadow over the well-being of educators and the overall quality of instruction. This chapter proposal embarks on an exploration of how generative artificial intelligence (AI) can act as a transformative force within higher education, specifically focusing on its potential to empower faculty members, enhance pedagogical practices, and mitigate the alarming prevalence of burnout. The chapter's central objectives are multifaceted, commencing with a comprehensive examination of the multifaceted phenomenon of faculty burnout. This includes an analysis of the contributing factors such as the escalating workloads, the shift towards online and blended learning modalities, and the overwhelming administrative duties that educators must shoulder. The aim here is to illuminate the multifaceted nature of burnout, thereby fostering an enhanced understanding of its urgency and the critical need for sustainable solutions.
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Social and Economic Maxims of ICT in Education
Application of principles of psychology in learning along with application of science and technology in practical teaching problems.
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Leveraging Ethics in Artificial Intelligence Technologies and Applications: E-Learning Management Systems in Namibia
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Generative AI-Powered Chatbots: A Creative Catalyst for Co-Creation
involves using technology to enhance learning and teaching, incorporating digital tools and resources to improve educational experiences and outcomes.
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