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What is Electronic Learning

Handbook of Research on Natural Computing for Optimization Problems
Indicates a form of learning which uses electronic devices like radio, television, computer etc.
Published in Chapter:
A Web-Based Collaborative Learning System Using Concept Maps: Architecture and Evaluation
Anal Acharya (St. Xavier's College, India) and Devadatta Sinha (University of Calcutta, India)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-5225-0058-2.ch037
The growth of communication technologies in the last two decades has led to development of web based learning systems for a variety of applications. The efficiency of such learning systems has often been enhanced by the use of collaboration tools and techniques. This study proposes a method of collaboration for construction of Concept Map of learning among a set of ‘n' learners divided into ‘k' groups using Short Message Services (SMS). This concept map is used as a sequence for construction of learning system. The functional modules of the architecture of this system are derived from the ‘Extended' theory of Meaningful learning proposed by David Ausubel. Two approaches have been used for evaluating this collaborative learning system. Firstly, paired t-test was conducted on student marks before and after collaboration to find the degree of significance between these. Secondly, efficiency of the collaboration process is computed using a set of Collaborative Efficiency Indexes (CEI) derived from a set of proposed metrics.
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Supervising Projects and Dissertations
Also known as e-Learning or eLearning is used since education is provided through computer technology, such as the Internet.
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Mastering Distance Education in the Digital Age
The educational course, program or degree delivered completely online.
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Trends and Issues With Massive Open Online Courses
The learning utilizing electronic technologies to access educational curriculum outside of a traditional classroom.
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IT Opportunities for Teacher Training and Support: An Action Research During the COVID-19 Pandemic in Greece
Is the learning for the individual aspects of which -achievement, extension, support, management, and assessment-interconnected computer systems (via internet, intranets, or other types of networks) that provide appropriately designed learning experiences to individual learners or group of learners, play a major role.
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Exploring the Role of Mobile Learning in Global Education
The course that is specifically delivered through the Internet to somewhere other than the traditional classroom where the professor is teaching.
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