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What is Emotional Health

Examining the Career Development Practices and Experiences of Immigrants
Personal conditions that enable a person be in control of individual thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.
Published in Chapter:
Foreign Education, Underemployment, and Wellness: Lived Experiences of African Immigrants in the USA
Joseph O. Otundo (University of Arkansas at Little Rock, USA) and Jane A. Opiri (University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff, USA)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-7998-5811-9.ch011
Although the number of African immigrants in the United States has steadily increased, there remains a gap in understanding their lived experiences in the context of employment and wellness. Using qualitative method, this study investigated underemployment and wellness among six foreign-educated African immigrants. The purpose of this chapter is to discuss three themes that emerged from this study. Study design utilized was grounded theory. Participants in this study held professional jobs before relocating to the US. Results suggest that despite excitement of migrating to the US, African immigrants experience myriad life events from the time they land until when they settle down. Yet, the adaptation mechanisms reported include social networking and social support. Thus, three themes that emerged from this study are occupational, emotional, and social wellness. From the findings, the authors developed underemployment versus wellness conceptual framework that can be used for future studies.
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More Results
Biopsychosocial Model
Refers to one’s ability to cope with life events and manage emotions.
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Put Your Mask on First!
Feeling good about yourself, your gifts and talents, and your relationships with others.
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Who Lives Healthier in a University?: Faculty, Students, or Administrative Staff
Being free from emotional/mental illnesses such as clinical depression.
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Emotionally Healthy School Leadership
Refers to the underlying set of skills, beliefs and habits of mind that equip an individual to manage the vicissitudes of everyday life, build positive relationships, and fulfil their role in a positive manner.
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Development of a Well-Being Mentorship Program for Clinical Clerkships
Is understanding and embracing the individual emotions and feelings, acknowledging and validating the feelings of others, and regulating them in a respectful understanding.
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Faculty Vulnerability: A Restorative Experiential Learning Activity for Academically-Disengaged College Students
The optimal functioning end of the thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that make up both our inner and outer worlds.
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Informal Cares and Caregivers in Rural Elderly: Emotional Costs in Public Health Policies
Perceived subjective well-being about the emotional state in which both internal and contextual factors intervene. It is a structural part of the criteria for defining quality of life.
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