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What is Employee Well-Being

Handbook of Research on Future of Work and Education: Implications for Curriculum Delivery and Work Design
Well-being is seen as an explanation of a person's life situation. It’s the state of being at peace and self-contentment, feeling self-sufficient, being free in one's own life and making their own decisions. Approaches that support the psychological well-being of employees aiming to take into account the “who they are” and to improve themselves personally, while strengthening positive psychological capital by supporting the work and life satisfaction of the employee, on the other hand, by increasing employee’s performance, it positively affects the benefits that are provided to the workplace.
Published in Chapter:
Work-Life Balance Challenges: Constructing an Employee-Friendly Workplace
Nihan Senbursa (University of Ordu, Turkey)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-7998-8275-6.ch030
Within an ever-changing, digitalized world, the working methods have vastly changed over the last few decades. If the effects of a contemporary event such as COVID-19—the global pandemic started in the Hubei region of China at the end of December 2019—are considered, the changes have reached beyond just the practical logistics of working and crossed otherwise untouched social and emotional barriers. As a result of the pandemic, new working ways on an international level have become considerably more prominent. With the post-modern paradigm, organizations have focused on their employees and see them as stakeholders and developed a set of policies and standards under the guise of “an employee-friendly organization.” This chapter sheds light on strategies on how to maintain work-life balance in a virtual environment of remote work, new regulations, and the gaining importance of employee satisfaction, ensuring remote employees feel cared for, valued, and included.
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Nurturing Positive Organizational Climates to Enhance Work Success: A Positive Psychology Approach
The holistic state of an employee's health, happiness, and prosperity, influenced by physical, mental, and social factors within and outside the workplace.
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Future of Work Places: A Hybrid Approach
It refers to the physical and mental health of employees resulting from work dynamics within and sometimes outside the organisation.
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Positive Interventions at Work: Enhancing Employee Well-Being and Organizational Sustainability
The holistic state of health, happiness, and fulfilment of employees, encompassing physical, mental, and social aspects within the workplace.
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Healing Comes First: Creating Trauma-Sensitive Work Environments for Teams to Heal and Produce
The state of employees’ mental and physical health, resulting from dynamics inside and outside of an organization.
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Fourth Industrial Revolution: A Way Forward to Technological Revolution, Disruptive Innovation, and Their Effects on Employees
Employee well-being means the state of the employee in which they are happier, comfortable, and healthy. Well-being is the state of mind.
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Enhancing Workplace Positivity: Strategies for Cultivating a Flourishing Organizational Culture
The holistic health and contentment of employees, addressing physical, mental, and emotional aspects to enhance overall quality of life.
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