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What is End-Point Security

Industry Use Cases on Blockchain Technology Applications in IoT and the Financial Sector
A method of protecting system networks which relies on the security of bridged devices participating in a network.
Published in Chapter:
Perspectives of Blockchain in Cybersecurity: Applications and Future Developments
Muath A. Obaidat (Center for Cybercrime Studies, City University of New York, USA) and Joseph Brown (City University of New York, USA)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-7998-6650-3.ch006
In recent years, blockchain has emerged as a popular data structure for use in software solutions. However, its meteoric rise has not been without criticism. Blockchain has been the subject of intense discussion in the field of cybersecurity because of its structural characteristics, mainly the permanency and decentralization. However, the blockchain technology in this field has also received intense scrutiny and caused to raise questions, such as, Is the application of blockchain in the field simply a localized trend or a bait for investors, both without a hope for permanent game-changing solutions? and Is blockchain an architecture that will lead to lasting disruptions in cybersecurity? This chapter aims to provide a neutral overview of why blockchain has risen as a popular pivot in cybersecurity, its current applications in this field, and an evaluation of what the future holds for this technology given both its limitations and advantages.
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