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What is eParticipation

Handbook of Research on Overcoming Digital Divides: Constructing an Equitable and Competitive Information Society
participation using ICT, either as the only channel or alongside non-ICT channels. In this chapter the term refers to social as well as political participation.
Published in Chapter:
From Inclusive Spaces to Inclusionary Texts: How E-Participation Can Help Overcome Social Exclusion
Simon Smith (University of Leeds, UK)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-60566-699-0.ch029
This account explores the use of ICT to overcome social exclusion by means of eParticipation initiatives in two spheres-health promotion and local democratic participation. They offer a contrast in terms of how we think about inclusion because the intended outcomes of their e-enablement may differ. Their construction as private or public goods affects the scope for intermediaries to act as agents of digital inclusion. In eHealth, digital inclusion is often a recruitment issue, since online discussion serves as a meeting-place where people provide mutual support to others who are co-present, whereas in local eDemocracy, inclusion is a representation issue, since online discussion is a narrative, reflecting on the political life of a territorial community. As a textual Internet is more amenable to intermediation than a spatial Internet, the possibilities for deploying ICT for social inclusion were enhanced when members of the eHealth virtual community began to ‘publicise’ the discursive goods they produced, which became translatable into community health benefits via intermediation and channel integration.
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The Potential of E-Participation in Urban Planning: A European Perspective
The support of citizen participation in political decision-making supported by information and communication technology, in particular the Internet.
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A Research Design for the Examination of Political Empowerment Through Social Media
An interdisciplinary research field examining ICT-supported political participation. Examples of disciplines include political science, information systems and media studies.
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An ePlanning Case Study in Stuttgart Using OPPA 3D
A new way of public participation in current information society, using ICTs, especially the Internet
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Bridging the Gap between Citizens and Decision-Makers: Are ICTs the Appropriate Means for Reconfiguring Traditional Notions of Citizenship and Participation in Public Affairs?
the use of information and communication technologies to broaden and deepen political participation by enabling citizens and groups to connect with one another and with their elected representatives.
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