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What is Ethical Considerations

Facilitating Global Collaboration and Knowledge Sharing in Higher Education With Generative AI
Reflection on the moral implications and responsibilities associated with utilizing AI technology, including potential biases, privacy concerns, and societal impact.
Published in Chapter:
Leveraging Generative AI for Cross-Cultural Knowledge Exchange in Higher Education
Khalid Mahboob (Sir Syed University of Engineering and Technology, Pakistan), Raheela Asif (NED University of Engineering and Technology, Karachi, Pakistan), and Laila Umme (Institute of Business Management, Karachi, Pakistan)
DOI: 10.4018/979-8-3693-0487-7.ch008
The integration of generative artificial intelligence (AI) has the potential to revolutionize cross-cultural knowledge exchange in higher education. By leveraging its ability to create culturally sensitive and contextually relevant learning materials, generative AI can enhance personalized education for students from diverse backgrounds. Overcoming language barriers through real-time translation, this technology promotes inclusive collaboration and co-creation of knowledge. However, ethical considerations such as cultural authenticity, bias mitigation, and data privacy must be carefully navigated to ensure equitable and respectful cross-cultural interactions. In essence, generative AI offers a transformative avenue for fostering a culturally enriched learning environment in higher education, necessitating a balanced approach that maximizes benefits while upholding ethical principles.
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Investigating the Service Quality of Chatbots on Telecom Service Providers' Websites and Apps
Bias, transparency, and responsible use of chatbots in the telecommunication industry.
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Positive Interventions at Work: Enhancing Employee Well-Being and Organizational Sustainability
Deliberate examination and adherence to moral principles and values in decision-making and actions, ensuring fairness, integrity, and responsible conduct in professional settings.
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Voice of the Coast: A Review on Ethical Issues of Scientists Who Engage in the Sri Lankan Fishing Community
Ethical issues encompass the deliberate analysis and incorporation of moral concepts and norms into the research procedure, guaranteeing the well-being and entitlements of participants while upholding the study's integrity.
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Machine Learning and Emotions: The Hidden Language in Your Voice
Examining and recognizing moral principles and values in the development and deployment of technologies, such as emotion detection systems, in order to ensure responsible and fair use, privacy protection, and the avoidance of potential biases.
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Issues Related to Chatbots
Thorough analysis of the ethical considerations and appropriate application of chatbot technology, encompassing aspects like user privacy, data security, and ethical conduct.
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Leveraging Artificial Intelligence for Ethical Social Media Influencer Communication
The examination and evaluation of moral principles and values related to influencer communication, with a focus on ensuring responsible and just practices.
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Dive Into Metaverse: Concept, Evolution, Framework, Technologies, Opportunities, and Trends
Reflecting on the societal impact of technological advancements ensures that digital innovations respect privacy, security, and human rights while considering moral implications.
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The Impact of NGOs in Rebuilding Higher Education in the Recovery Phase
The moral principles and values that guide the actions and choices of NGOs and higher education institutions, emphasizing integrity, transparency, and the well-being of impacted populations.
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Applied Behavior Analysis and Autism: A Latin American Case
Defined as the degree to which the standards of appropriate behavior within a particular cultural group are taken into account.
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Guardians of Health Data: Empowering Secure Electronic Health Records With IoMT and Blockchain
The moral principles and guidelines that govern the responsible conduct of research, data handling, and decision-making, especially in sensitive domains such as healthcare.
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Advancing Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) Through Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs)
Emphasizes ethical research practices like confidentiality & informed consent to protect participants’ rights & ensure trust.
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Introduction to Predictive Analysis in Healthcare: From Data to Diagnosis - Exploring the Potential of Predictive Analytics
Ethical considerations are defined as moral principle and values in the context of predictive analysis in healthcare. These address issues such as data security, patient privacy, and the equity of healthcare resources.
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AI Influence for Revolutionizing Virtual Reality (VR) Therapy: An Exploratory Study
Moral principles and guidelines that inform the responsible and ethical conduct of research and practice, including issues such as privacy, informed consent, confidentiality, and potential risks to participants.
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Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Marketing Research: Challenges and Ethical Considerations
The moral and social implications of using AI in market research, including issues related to privacy, bias, transparency, and accountability.
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Mindful Movement: VR-Enhanced Yoga and Exercise for Well-Being
Reflection on moral principles and values in the design, implementation, and use of mental health technologies or interventions, ensuring responsible and respectful practices.
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Intricacies of AI-Enhanced Mood Tracking for Personalized Well-Being
Ethical considerations involve evaluating the moral implications, societal impacts, and potential risks associated with the development, deployment, and use of technology, ensuring responsible and accountable practices.
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