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What is Ethnic Identity

Handbook of Research on Engaging Immigrant Families and Promoting Academic Success for English Language Learners
One’s self-identification with and sense of belongingness to a particular ethnic group that shares a language, culture, and ancestry. One’s ethnic identity can strengthen and be strengthened by heritage language proficiency as being able to speak the heritage language can promote one’s belongingness to the ethnic group.
Published in Chapter:
Asian Immigrant Communities' Civic Participation in Cultivating Bilingualism and Biliteracy in the United States
Kwangok Song (University of Kansas, USA)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-5225-8283-0.ch008
This chapter discusses how Asian immigrant communities in the United States cultivate Asian immigrant children's literacy learning in their heritage languages. Although the United States has historically been a linguistically diverse country, bilingualism has not always been valued and acknowledged. Strong social and institutional expectations for immigrants to acquire the socially dominant language have resulted in language shifts among immigrants. Concerned about their descendants' heritage language loss, Asian immigrant communities make organized efforts to establish community-based heritage language schools. Heritage language schools play an important role in immigrant children's learning of their heritage language and culturally appropriate ways of behaving and communicating. It has also been noted that heritage language schools encounter several challenges in motivating heritage language learners. Heritage language schools should be considered as complementary education for immigrant students because they take critical responsibilities to support immigrant students' language and literacy development in their heritage languages.
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Method Development for Assessing a Diversity Goal
The degree to which an individual self-identifies membership with a given ethnic/cultural group. Membership is often defined as one’s comfort within a specific group, adherence to group norms, and participation in rituals/traditions of the group.
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Korean Immigrant Parents' Involvement in Children's Biliteracy Development in the U.S. Context
The feeling of belonging to a group with whom an individual believes he or she has common ancestry based on shared individual characteristics and/or shared sociocultural experiences.
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