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What is Euthanasia

Tactical Sciences for Biosecurity in Animal and Plant Systems
From Greek for “Good Death,” to humanely end the life of an organism.
Published in Chapter:
Response and Recovery Tactics
Russ Bulluck (USDA APHIS PPQ, USA), Barry J. Meade (USDA APHIS VS, USA), Kitty F. Cardwell (Oklahoma State University, USA), and Keith L. Bailey (Charles River Laboratories, Inc., USA)
Copyright: © 2022 |Pages: 30
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-7998-7935-0.ch009
The policy and resource infrastructure required to manage agricultural and environmental pest and pathogen incursions evolve and strengthen over time. Animal and plant health responses involve the highly coordinated efforts of various entities. Governments partner with state and territory officials, subject matter experts, and representatives of the commodity(ies) that are/may be impacted by the invasion. Short-, intermediate-, and long-term animal and plant health incident management tactics may change over time depending upon multiple conditions and externalities that will be described in this chapter. Results to response may range from fully successful eradication to learning to live with the pest and deregulation. Although the scope, timeframe, and consequences of events can vary, actions taken in response to the identification of an exotic plant or animal pest, disease, or condition are designed to minimize economic and environmental impacts, ensure trade and food security, assure business continuity, and avoid social unrest.
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Mindfulness and the Elderly
Also called mercy killing, involves the painless killing of a patient suffering from an incurable and painful disease or in an irreversible coma.
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Promoting Awareness of Human Trafficking Through Innovative Educational Technology Using the Holocaust as Historical Reference
This term is derived from Greek, from a literal translation of “good death” or death without suffering. The term has evolved to mean “mercy killing.” It is the deliberate ending of someone’s life using the justification that they are suffering and may not be relieved of their suffering while living. The process may be voluntary or involuntary, as the term does not specify that condition.
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Islamic Medical Ethics in Brunei Darussalam Hospitals
An act of ending a patient’s life, either by injecting lethal solutions or depriving the patient of necessary treatments and/or nutrients.
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