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What is Everyday Life

Handbook of Research on E-Planning: ICTs for Urban Development and Monitoring
The self-evident subjective experience of everyday, in contrast to the structures or systems made of institutions, financial flows etc. Scientifically everyday life can be approached as a process in which people shape in their homes, at work or in the living environment the structural conditions into lived life. The mastering of everyday life means then the coordination of those multi-dimensional processes with which people shape the conditions.
Published in Chapter:
The Future-Making Assessment Approach as a Tool for E-Planning and Community Development: The Case of Ubiquitous Helsinki
Liisa Horelli (Helsinki University of Technology, Finland) and Sirkku Wallin (Helsinki University of Technology, Finland)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-61520-929-3.ch004
As e-planning takes place in a complex and dynamic context, consisting of many stakeholders with a diversity of interests, it benefits from an evaluation approach that assists in the monitoring, supporting and provision of feedback. For this purpose, we have created a new approach to e-planning, called the Future-making assessment. It comprises a framework and a set of tools for the contextual analysis, mobilisation and nurturing of partnerships for collective action, in addition to an on-going monitoring and evaluation system. The aim of this chapter is to present and discuss the methodology of the Future-making assessment-approach (FMA) and its application in a case study on e-planning of services in the context of community development, in a Helsinki neighbourhood.
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Role of Social Culture in Evaluation of Internet Policies: The Case of Everyday and Resistant Culture in Greece
The context and the experience of living that all human beings are subject to. An instance of how and where social culture is shaped, accommodated and developed, making itself visible.
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Teaching Media Literacy From a Cultural Studies Perspective
A concept related to cultural studies that encourages scholars to pay attention to the daily, lived realities of individuals.
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