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What is Expert

Higher Education and the Evolution of Management, Applied Sciences, and Engineering Curricula
A person who is an authority in a particular area or topic, with special knowledge or skills in a particular area of endeavor. A person who is perceived to be knowledgeable in an area or topic due to his or her study, training, or experience in the subject matter.
Published in Chapter:
Information System Projects for Higher Education Management: Challenges for Latin American Universities
Gabriela Gerón-Piñón (University of Monterrey, Mexico), Pedro Solana-González (University of Cantabria, Spain), Daniel Pérez-González (University of Cantabria, Spain), and Sara Trigueros-Preciado (University of Cantabria, Spain)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-5225-7259-6.ch005
This chapter studies the challenges that higher education institutions (HEIs) in Latin America face for the implementation of information systems (IS), highlighting specific characteristics of the region compared with other parts of the world. The study evidences distinctives of universities in comparison with other type of industries that need to be considered for the implementation of IS. Critical success factors and barriers for IS implementation projects are also recognized through a compilation of the experience of experts who have participated in projects in 14 countries in the region. It is intended that this work research will serve as a reference for institutions that are seeking the implementation of IS, and that it will also serve as guide for interested stakeholders—academics, researchers, administrators, and managers—to start such projects and ensure the understanding of the conditions required that will help them succeed.
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Higher Ed Through Grad Consulting: Developing Leadership Skills by Negotiating and Delivering Paid Client Assignments
A senior consultant who facilitates and supports graduates in leading and delivering impactful solutions to client projects sourced foremost by students themselves.
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B Corp Certification Effects: Design and Validation of a Questionnaire Applying Delphi Method
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Enhanced Fuzzy Assessment Methodology to Find Overlapping in Membership Function Using K Ratio to Find the Yield of Rice
Human being who has developed a high proficiency in making judgments in a specific, usually narrow and domain.
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How Can We Transform Content Into Game Mechanics?: Designing and Developing Financial Literacy Games
A person with specialized knowledge who can provide useful data for improving and enhancing the game.
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K-20 Learning along a Novice to Expert Continuum in Online Learning Environments
A learner that has reached a high level of proficiency in a content area.
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Managing and Adapting Library Information Services for Future Users: Applying Artificial Intelligence in Libraries
Is somebody who has a lengthy or deep knowledge through training and learning in a specific area.
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User Experience Measurement: Recent Practice of E-Businesses
An individual that is highly skilled or has great knowledge in a particular area or field.
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Health Risk Communication and Media
A person who has a great deal of knowledge.
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Experience, Cognition and Video Game Play
An individual who demonstrates proficiency in performing a task or tasks associated with a specific domain as a resulting from an extensive amount of practice.
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