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What is Cognitive Processing

Futuristic and Linguistic Perspectives on Teaching Writing to Second Language Students
The process of gaining meta-cognitive awareness and wisdom on the experiences that are shared through expressive writing.
Published in Chapter:
Expressive Multilingual Writing: A Transformational Healing Skill for a Pandemic Challenge
Eda Başak Hancı-Azizoglu (Mediterranean (Akdeniz) University, Turkey) and Maha Alawdat (Kaye College of Education, Israel)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-7998-6508-7.ch014
The purpose of this chapter reveals the healing power of writing at times of stress, turmoil, and crisis from multilingual perspectives. Writing relieves emotional chaos, stress, and even physical pain as evidenced by research. Multilingual writing is a process-based, complicated act that requires a series of intellectual stages to be developed as a skill. In parallel to this rationale, multilingual learners can generate creative spaces for their well-being and growth by using writing as a skill to express their emotions for easing feelings related to stress, turmoil, and crisis. This chapter encourages and models emotional or expressive writing as an innovative method to use in educational and health settings to allow creating novel experiences into language learning phases.
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Mastery of Learning via Social Networking Technology: A Comprehensive Literature Review With a Systems Approach
Taking in all of the information collected via motor brain functions and through sensory acts and operating these data (i.e., storing, recovering, transforming, and implementing) effectively and intelligently.
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Exploring the Psychological Impact of Nutritional Deficiency: An Emphasis on Food Psychology
Rational and conscious weighing of various attributes of a decision and arriving at a thoughtful decision based on circumstances.
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Assessing Practical Accessibility in Online Courses Based on Local Conditions
A process which involves perceiving, learning, and thinking.
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In the Pursuit of Happiness: Developing and Sustaining Happiness in Children
The function of mental activity, thinking, remembering, and acting.
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