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What is Facial Coding

Analyzing the Strategic Role of Neuromarketing and Consumer Neuroscience
This system, which is used especially in detecting the emotional reactions to advertisements, is used in many aspects such as a company's shelf layout, website and product package. The momentarily emerging emotional reactions of individuals with the ability to perceive in the first 40 milliseconds become meaningful when they are combined with perception-mimic and basic facial muscles. The value, arousal and dominance dimensions of sensations can be evaluated depending on the expressions forming on the face as a result of perceptions.
Published in Chapter:
Understanding Consumer Behavior Through Eye-Tracking
H. Serhat Cerci (Selcuk University, Turkey) and A. Selcuk Koyluoglu (Selcuk University, Turkey)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-7998-3126-6.ch004
The purpose of this chapter, which is designed to measure where and how the consumer focuses in an advertising brochure, which visual is more striking, and how much eye strain (twitch) it takes, is to measure the density and visual attention of the eyes through the eye-tracking device during the individual examination. For this study, an experimental laboratory for neuromarketing research was used. After watching the videos and images of the participants in the eye-tracking module, the general evaluations were taken to determine what they remembered, and a comparison opportunity was born. According to the findings, logos, and photographs are more effective than texts. Viewers read large text and skip small text. Suggestions for future research are presented in the chapter.
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Towards Ethical Neuromarketing 2.0 Based on Artificial Intelligence
The decoding of specific facial behaviors, based on the facial muscles that produce them, to identify unconscious thoughts and behaviors.
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The Science Behind Neuromarketing
The process of measuring human emotions through facial expressions. Emotions can be detected by computer algorithms for automatic emotion recognition that record facial expressions via webcam. This can be applied to better understanding of people’s reactions to visual stimuli.
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