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What is Fan Communities

Handbook of Research on Transmedia Storytelling and Narrative Strategies
A culture medium in which a storytelling can be related to their own lives and new ideas emerge and evolve before spreading to the masses of society.
Published in Chapter:
Fans' Narrations: A Study on the Reproduction Practices of Branding Stories in the Context of Participatory Culture
Ersin Diker (Gümüşhane University, Turkey) and Birgül Taşdelen (Gümüşhane University, Turkey)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-5225-5357-1.ch015
In today's world, with the development of technology, brands have turned to new communication means and methods apart from traditional communication tools like television, newspapers, magazines, cinemas, etc. in order to differentiate and escape from their competitors in an increasingly competitive environment. Storytelling and social media are the leading ones among these tools and methods. Thus, brands aim to create branding process and brand loyalty through the strategic communication they have established in social media with consumers. The concept of participatory culture has expanded thanks to digital communication technologies and social media. Fans who have an important place in the storytelling of transmedia reshape a story, associate it with their own lives, and recreate it by producing it again through various media, especially social media. Thus, in this study, it is aimed to reveal how the transmedia storytelling which has been awarded with fan comments in the context of participant culture contributes to brand communication, image, reputation, and marketing.
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Personality Traits and Fans' Motives for Attention to Fictional Narratives
Collections of fans that associate or interact with one another around the object of their fanship. Examples include formally-organized fan clubs, groups of friends who gather to watch the latest installment of a series of which they are fans, and even the ever-shifting constellation of individual fans engaged in discussing a fan text in on online forum.
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