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What is Feedback Loop

Handbook of Research on Public Information Technology
A feedback loop is a closed path of causal relations among variables. Feedback loops usually represent the process of monitoring the state of the system, the effects of decisions in the system state, and future decisions.
Published in Chapter:
System Dynamics to Understand Public Information Technology
Luis Felipe Luna-Reyes (Universidad de las Américas-Puebla, Mexico)
Copyright: © 2008 |Pages: 17
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-59904-857-4.ch045
Information technology development and implementation have been recognized as forms of organizational change (Doherty & King, 2003; Orlikowski, 2000). Public-sector organizations are interested in this process of change because of the expected benefits of using IT, such as cost savings, improved service quality, increased accountability, and public participation (Gil-Garcia & Helbig, 2006). However, IT fails to deliver the anticipated payback in many projects (Jackson, 1997; Keil, Cule, Lyytinen, & Schmidt, 1998). Some of such failures are the result of our lack of understanding about the relationships among IT components and organizational factors involved in the implementation process, producing mismatches or unintended consequences in the process: “[t]he computer hardware may perform correctly, and the software may satisfy its specification; but the results are not what was intended, and may be disastrous” (Jackson, 1997, p. 5).
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Cultivating Flow and Happiness in Children
Is a closed chain pattern of cause and effect reaction connections from a stock, activated by decisions, rules, physical laws, or actions.
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Discipline-Focused Revision Practices: A Context-Specific Example of Revising Dissertation Writing
A cycle of receiving and interpreting feedback, followed by making revisions, and resubmitting for further feedback ( Murray, 2010 ).
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System Dynamics
Circulations which consist of causalities between elements in subject systems. Feedback loops are classified into reinforcing loops and balancing loops.
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Discrete Networks as a Suitable Approach for the Analysis of Genetic Regulation
A circular chain of interactions, such that each element in the loop influences its own future level of activation. Feedback loops are also known as circuits.
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Assessing the Effectiveness of a Basic Writing Course
According to Wehlberg, “the feedback loop is the process by which outcomes are developed, measures are identified, data is collected, and then that data is used to inform the process, and it begins again with another look at the outcomes” (p. 10).
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Combatting the “Silo Effect” in the Online Classroom: Employing a Discussion Board-Centric Approach
A method of instruction that seeks to create a series of interactions between the student and instructor to improve the quality of student work, increase engagement, and develop a meaningful relationship between the student and instructor.
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