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What is Fieldwork

IT Auditing Using a System Perspective
The performance of two distinct classifications, study and evaluation of controls and testing during an assurance engagement.
Published in Chapter:
Activity: Finalizing the IT Audit Project Plan
Copyright: © 2020 |Pages: 29
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-7998-4198-2.ch002
When addressing IT audit planner responsibilities, the in-charge IT auditor must inscribe and communicate an engagement's objectives, ambit, and examinable units based on an obtained audit area understanding. Through synthesizing relevant audit standards and guidelines as well as professional experience, Chapter 2 presents crucial outputs for completing the IT audit planning process. Chapter 2 discusses issues related to planned compliance and substantive testing and then provides primary documentation requirements of an operational IT audit plan. Chapter 2 also presents IT audit planner tasks when conferencing with the engagement auditee(s) and associated communication distribution.
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Nethnography: A Naturalistic Approach Towards Online Interaction
Ethnographic activity held in a given period and place in which the researcher collects data through direct contact with the group being studied.
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Emerging Technologies in Teaching, Research, and Learning: GIS Technology and Methods in Education
Practical work done by a researcher in the natural environment, where the earth is the laboratory and source of information about something.
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Inequities Revealed: Pre-Pandemic Online Students and Faculty During the Global Health Crisis
Requirements associated with coursework that involve community experiences such as internships, practica, shadowing, and clinical placements.
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Importance and Educational Possibilities of the Place-Based Education Through Virtual Fieldtrips
Process of observing people, cultures, and natural environments and collecting data about the dynamic places, people, and species around them in the wild of our everyday surroundings rather than in the controlled environments of a lab or classroom.
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Jaziret Fadel: A Symbolic Topology of a Palestinian Memory
The current chapter fieldwork was done by the author and it depended on participatory observation, oral history testimonies, and field notes. It took place at the village of Jaziret Fadel between March 2015 till August 2015.
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The Experiences of a Consumer Ethnographer in a Sensitive Research Context: Ethnography in a Squatter Neighborhood
Ethnographers’ extensive work in the research context using qualitative research methods.
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