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What is Educational Continuity

Socioeconomic Inclusion During an Era of Online Education
Maintaining structured student education by providing alternative means and resources of teaching and learning following a disaster.
Published in Chapter:
Fighting Through COVID-19 for Educational Continuity: Challenges to Teachers
Edward C. P. Lin (Queensland University of Technology, Australia) and Andy J. Yeh (Queensland University of Technology, Australia)
Copyright: © 2022 |Pages: 27
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-6684-4364-4.ch009
The long-term worldwide COVID-19 pandemic has caused unprecedented disruptions to regular school operations around the world, and online education has become the temporary solution from primary to higher education. Since 2020, researchers have learned that this situation has instigated various challenges to teachers, who have been on the front line fighting to continue education. However, there is not yet a global investigation from which to derive generalizable solutions that could contribute to ensuring educational continuity during school closures. Consequently, this chapter investigated the challenges teachers have faced during the pandemic by analyzing research studies from around the world. Using the method of literature review and the framework of thematic analysis, the authors identified practical solutions based on firsthand insights from 15,054 teachers. The chapter summarized eight types of major challenges to teachers in three broad categories and presented three recommendations for a more crisis-prepared education community.
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WhatsApp and Educational Continuity in Africa in the Era of COVID-19: From Its Misuse to “WhatsApp Education”
Educational continuity is a pedagogical approach that aims to ensure the continuation of a learner's learning wherever he or she is through artifacts such as textbooks, digital technology, and resources created by teachers or trainers, among others. This continuity makes it possible to maintain a pedagogical link between the learner and the educator throughout the learning process and to maintain the knowledge already acquired by the students while allowing the acquisition of new knowledge.
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