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What is Financial Capital

Handbook of Research on Entrepreneurial Leadership and Competitive Strategy in Family Business
It refers to equity that a company or person has, either because it is saved or invested in a financial market.
Published in Chapter:
The Importance of Leadership, Corporate Climate, Use of Resources, and Strategic Planning in Family Business
Danny C. Barbery (Universidad de Especialidades Espíritu Santo, Ecuador) and Carlos L. Torres (Universidad de Guayaquil, Ecuador)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-5225-8012-6.ch011
This chapter deals with the significance and interaction of four key elements for the development of the family business: on the one hand, the leadership and the working environment as human elements, and on the other hand, the resource management and strategic planning. After reviewing some literature, the authors concluded that family business, through their socioemotional wealth (SEW), emotional intelligence (EI), and social intelligence (SI), generate an interaction between these four variables which results in a model centered on the socioemotional intelligence (SEI). The SEI is the main pillar of family businesses, as these are classified in four types: the fearful, the curious, the careful, and the focused.
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Mentoring, Partnering, and Follow-Through: TRIO Programs Provide a Path Through the Wilderness
Access to monies and goods to ensure needed items for daily living, cushion for times of financial crisis, and surplus items for leisure and pleasure.
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Resourced-Based View and Internationalisation of Social Enterprises: An Exploratory Study
Can be defined as a tangible (economic asset) consisting of both personal and third-party funding. Personal funds includes entrepreneur's personal savings, financial assistance from family and friends as well as banking loans obtained through personal relationships. Third party funding includes government loans and grants or funds, seed capital, business angels or venture capitals.
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Black African Entrepreneurship in the UK
Refers to the accumulated wealth of group members and their access to the official credit market.
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