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What is Fleet Management

Innovation, Strategy, and Transformation Frameworks for the Modern Enterprise
Coordinating and optimizing the tasks and paths for a group of robots to avoid congestion and maximize throughput.
Published in Chapter:
Consumer Perception of Robotic Mobile Fulfillment Systems: A Netnographic Case Study of Amazon
Badr Bentalha (National School of Business and Management, Sidi Mohammed Ben Abdellah University, Morocco)
DOI: 10.4018/979-8-3693-0458-7.ch010
The chapter aims to understand customer perception after the introduction of robots in the robotic mobile fulfillment system (RMFS) storage areas for Amazon. Based on a netnographic analysis focused on the use of RMFS by the American company Amazon, the work is mainly aimed at improving our understanding of the performance of RMFS and the perception of this technology by customers of service companies in general and retail companies in particular. Improved productivity, reduced operation time, agility and flexibility, improved picking accuracy, optimal space utilization, cost of capital, and work ergonomics are the main motivations perceived and discussed by the virtual community behind the introduction of RMFS in Amazon's storage areas. Several risks of RMFS robotization are discussed based on the qualitative study conducted. Finally, a classification of the customers' perception of this new technology is made by distinguishing the variables of perceived usefulness and ease of use.
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Robust Vehicle Routing Solutions to Manage Time Windows in the Case of Uncertain Travel Times
The management of the transportation fleet of a logistics service provider. It includes vehicles of different modes of transport like road, rail, inland waterway and air transport. But mostly it relates to decision in road transport in which vehicles of different size or with different characteristics are used for planned transport activities (heterogeneous fleet of vehicles).
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