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What is Fossil Fuels

Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Operations Management and Service Evaluation
Fuels that are not spread evenly around the world, can be consumed, have negative effects on the environment and contain high levels of carbon.
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Analyzing the Efficiency of Renewable Energy Sources in Terms of Electricity Generation: The Case of Turkey
Talip Arsu (University of Aksaray, Turkey)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-7998-5442-5.ch008
Electricity generation, one of the renewable energy sources (RES), delivers a solution for various problems such as energy efficiency, energy supply security, reducing foreign dependency, and especially, environmental concerns. However, the solutions provided for these problems bring along the question of which RESs are produced more effectively. Therefore, in this research, RESs used for electricity generation in Turkey were analyzed by using generation data to show which one is more effective. Bi-objective multiple-criteria data envelopment analysis (BiO-MCDEA) method, a goal programming-based efficiency determination method, was used for the efficiency analysis conducted for five years between the years of 2014 and 2018. As a result of the analysis, geothermal energy came into prominence as the most effective RES for all of the years included in the solution. Geothermal energy was followed by biomass energy, wind energy, hydroelectric, and solar energy, respectively.
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Risk Management in Small Hydroelectric Power Plants (SHPPs) in Colombia
buried combustible geologic deposits of organic materials, formed from decayed plants and animals that have been converted to crude oil, coal, natural gas, or heavy oils by exposure to heat and pressure in the earth's crust over hundreds of millions of years.
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Energy Transition Landscape: Landscape Approach for Pollution-Generating Large-Scale Industries
A fossil fuel is a fuel formed by natural processes, such as anaerobic decomposition of buried dead organisms, containing organic molecules originating in ancient photosynthesis that release energy in combustion.
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