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What is Media Framing

Handbook of Research on Digital Violence and Discrimination Studies
The process by which the media places the events and topics they report in a certain perspective or in certain ‘frames’. Through this process events are given a field of meaning within which they can be better understood.
Published in Chapter:
Framing Femicide: An Analysis of Online Media Reporting on Romanian Immigrant Women Killed in Germany
Simona Rodat (Adventus University, Romania)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-7998-9187-1.ch004
Femicides are topics frequently covered by the media, and journalists use different frames when reporting on such lethal acts of violence against women. This chapter addresses the media coverage and framing in German online press articles of two femicides with victims of Romanian ethnicity. The research presented used as methodology thematic content analysis, along with media framing analysis. In the chapter, the results of this study are discussed, that is, the characteristics of media coverage and content related to the killings of the two Romanian women in the German press are analysed, the main frames used by the media in their reporting on the femicides are pointed out, and the extent to which journalists use in their narratives techniques of blaming the victims is examined. Moreover, the chapter investigates whether the media report the crimes against women as singular facts or address them in the broader context of social problems, and contribute, in this way, to the increase of public awareness and social responsibility towards them.
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More Results
Media, the Family, and Human Trafficking in Nigeria
In line with the agenda-setting role of the media, it refers to how the media extends discourse to the essence of a subject.
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Media and Child Rights in Africa: Narrative Analysis of Child Rights in Kenyan Media
The structure of media narratives, either due to professional writing styles and / or (more so) due to the meanings that the stories themselves present due to the way the story is told and retold.
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