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What is Friendship

Handbook of Research on Collaborative Teaching Practice in Virtual Learning Environments
By offering friendship to another avatar, you will get the other avatars contact information stored in your friendslist. You can allow your friends to see your online/offline status, to track your position on the map or to edit your objects.
Published in Chapter:
Real Life and Second Life, Osmotic Membranes: Dynamics of Identity and Social Relationships in Second Life
Maddalena Borsani (Independent Researcher, Italy)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-5225-2426-7.ch014
The project has as field of study Second Life: a three-dimensional world, online, persistent multi-user, interactive, participatory; where the individual's self-presence is guaranteed with an avatar. It has been proved that Second Life is perceived by individuals as an actual experience and full of meaning, so as to allow the dynamics of identity and social relationships. This process of incorporation into the avatar would ensure the online presence of the individual and the recognition of other avatars, as individuals. This would facilitate effective social dynamics among avatar: the new social-actors, that would be perceived as strongly emotional and interactive, allowing individuals to recognize the other avatars as subjectivity, experimenting with new identities and mediating new meanings with them. The analysis of these dynamics has shown the potential of experience to be an avatar and sociality inworld, and is not in opposition to the real world, but come across as an extension, a empowerment and can be integrated into real life.
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Clinical Topics in Social Media: The Role of Self-Disclosing on Social Media for Friendship and Identity in Specialized Populations
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Using Reflection With Young Learners: Value-Based English Language Teaching
The relationship between two or more people, where a shared bond of respect, trust, and care is of primary importance (Friendship, 2016 AU32: The in-text citation "Friendship, 2016" is not in the reference list. Please correct the citation, add the reference to the list, or delete the citation. ).
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Connecting 'Round the Clock: Mobile Phones and Adolescents' Experiences of Intimacy
Refers to an intimate social connection between two people, often peers.
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