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What is Functionality

Handbook of Research on Mobile Software Engineering: Design, Implementation, and Emergent Applications
Functionality of a context-aware system refers to the functions provided by the context aware system.
Published in Chapter:
Context-Aware Systems: Models and Functionality
Yu-Ling Chang (University of Waterloo, Canada), Paulo Alencar (University of Waterloo, Canada), Eduardo S. Barrenechea (University of Waterloo, Canada), Rolando Blanco (University of Waterloo, Canada), and Donald Cowan (University of Waterloo, Canada)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-61520-655-1.ch034
Context aware systems reduce the need for user intervention and provide smarter services by considering a user’s situation. Context models decide how the contextual information is modeled and what type of context should be considered; they are essential in providing the “right” services to the users. Existing surveys of context-aware systems focus heavily on the data structures for modeling contextual information and the architecture of context-aware systems. In this chapter, the authors focus on the contextual information being modeled and the functionality provided by context-aware systems. They present a classification framework for both context models and the functionality of context-aware systems. The authors then compare existing context-aware systems against the classification framework. Moreover, they show how a higher level context model can be derived from the fundamental elements in the classification framework of context models.
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Commercial Websites: A Focus on the Essential
A piece of software, which provides the ability to interact with a computer mediated environment.
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A Gamified Approach to Enhance Environmental Sustainability Awareness and Responsibility
The degree to which a serious game achieves its intended purpose, such as promoting sustainable behaviors.
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Reinvigorating Organizational Effectiveness and Sustainability Through Risk Assessment Tools Within the Construction Industry
Functionality as a perceived benefit within a tool is related to various aspects of user friendly interface, features, maintainability, reliability, information presentation and classification, and eventually threat forecasting and navigation.
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The Functionality of Website-Based Services of Metropolitan Municipalities in Turkey
The quality of being functional and the range of operations that can be run on a computer or other electronic system.
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AI-Driven Customer Experience: Factors to Consider
Associated with the way a system functions.
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Re-AbilityLab: Innovation and Strategic Aspects of the Knowledge Economy – Innovative Elements in Rehabilitation
Is a comprehensive term for body functions, body structures, activities and participation. It denotes the positive aspects of the interaction between an individual (with a health conditions) and the contextual factors of that individual (environmental and personal factors).
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Accessibility, Usability, and Functionality in T-Government Services
The efficacy of the technical realization of the sites, the average time to download the pages, and the number of errors in html language. The main attributes of an adequate technical functionality are the speed of download, the timeliness of the system, the content update, and the security of the data transmission (integrity, privacy).
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A Proposal of Evaluation Criteria for the Quality of ESL/EFL Websites for Autonomous Learning
Feature or characteristic present in any technology-based product related to the level of technology or the technologies used to develop and build such product, which defines its technical functioning and behavior.
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Review and Evaluation of Systems Supporting Data Journalism
A system evaluation criterion aimed at identifying certain functional characteristics.
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Open Source E-Learning Systems: Evaluation of Features and Functionality
Degree to which an item operates or can be operated as intended by its designers/creators.
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Benchmarking Human Resource Information Systems
The sum of an entity’s functions and their specified properties that satisfy stated or implied needs. It refers to the usefulness or capability of the total entity, hence regarding its function from a systems-theoretic perspective.
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