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What is Game Elements

Promoting Organizational Performance Through 5G and Agile Marketing
The elements and rules that make up the game are often called game elements. These include mechanics such as points, badges, or levels, as well as competition, collaboration, or achievement that determine the outcome of the gaming experience.
Published in Chapter:
Customer Engagement of Gamification
Adil Bical (Gaziantep University, Turkey)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-6684-5523-4.ch008
In digital age, a large audience of players has emerged. This creates a game-related shift in the cognitive and social aspects of the target audience of brands. Consumers are more interested in gaming and therefore more readily engage in game-related applications. Customer engagement is therefore an important approach to forging a strong relationship with customers as traditional marketing methods begin to lose power. This chapter seeks to explain how customer engagement occurs in gamification through a proposed model. It was explained on the theoretical basis that users engage in both game experience and marketing purposes. Game elements increase engagement as they offer customers an enjoyable experience, and the utilitarian features of gamification strengthen their engagement in the process as they lead customers to functional goals through the gaming experience.
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A First Step towards Integrating Educational Theory and Game Design
Game elements are the components that make up a game. In some research these are also called game attributes.
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Gamifying the Refugee Classroom: Challenges and Potential
In gamification contexts, game elements refer to specific rewards assigned to users after achieving a certain challenge or quest. The aim is to increase level, engagement and motivation.
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Should I Play or Should I Go?: Identifying Challenges for Gamification
Structures, objects, or activities taken to be characteristic of games; it is disputed in the discourse what such elements are, how they are defined, and if they exist.
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Sustainable Mobility in Smart Cities: The Key Role of Gamified Motivational Systems for Citizens' Engagement and Behavior Change
These are the atoms of games and build the foundations of the game itself. Examples of game elements are points, badges, challenges, and leaderboards.
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