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What is Game Engine

Handbook of Research on Improving Learning and Motivation through Educational Games: Multidisciplinary Approaches
A software application that hides technical implementation of the graphics rendering, sound reproduction, asset management, collision detection and physics simulation aspects of game development, allowing the developer to focus on the game logic and interaction.
Published in Chapter:
Developing Videogames for Physics Education
Kostas Anagnostou (Ionian University, Greece) and Anastasia Pappa (Alibreto Science Communication and Education, Greece)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-60960-495-0.ch043
This chapter reviews the potential of videogames to enhance physics education, and provide guidelines for designing educational videogames that promote physics learning objectives by integrating them into gameplay mechanics. It also presents the available technology solutions for educational videogame development. To put the design of physics educational games into context, the chapter reviews the existing research into videogames for physics education and the main learning theories in light of how they associate to the various videogame genres. Finally, the barriers that currently inhibit widespread adoption of videogames in educational environments are discussed and future directions of research into the field are indicated.
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Virtual Tours and Serious Game for Promoting Educational Tourism Using Non-Intrusive Human-Computer Interfaces
Software used for video-game development using specific programming techniques and tools, attending technical requirements in terms of graphics, sound/music, physics simulation or artificial intelligence.
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Playful Education and Innovative Gamified Learning Approaches
A software application that includes an authoring and programming interface and a number of software libraries that provide high quality graphics and visualization, simulation of real-world physics, animation and interaction mechanisms, to aid users in the implementation of digital interactive games for various platforms.
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Factors That Enable or Hinder the Implementation of Game Development Activity in Learning Environments
A game engine is a paid or free program used by individuals or companies to create games.
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