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What is Games

Teaching, Learning, and Leading With Computer Simulations
An activity driven by the logics of play where two or more participants compete to reach a specific goal while being framed by a set of rules and challenges.
Published in Chapter:
Simulations in Business Education: A Case Study of Cesim™ Global Challenge
Andres Aguilera-Castillo (Universidad EAN, Colombia), Mauricio Guerrero-Cabarcas (Universidad EAN, Colombia), Camila Andrea Fúquene (Universidad de La Salle, Colombia), and William Fernando Rios (Universidad de La Salle, Colombia)
Copyright: © 2020 |Pages: 31
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-7998-0004-0.ch005
This chapter examines the experimental use of Cesim™ Global Challenge, a computer-based business simulation, in an undergraduate international business program in Bogota, Colombia. The authors analyzed the data from the simulation through the application of a nonparametric statistical analysis, in addition to the application of an ex-post survey instrument, in order to assess the relevance of using simulations in the acquisition of managerial skills among undergraduate students. Key findings include the observation of positive effects of computer simulations in learning environments, as they occur in the literature. The authors accepted the hypothesis that stated that more time spent in the simulation leads to better results in the default winning criteria. Finally, the survey instrument confirmed that the use of the simulation helped the students develop managerial soft skills.
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Board Games, Zombies, and Minecraft: Gamification in Higher Education
Activity or sport with fixed rules involving skill, knowledge, or chance.
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A Future Focus of Gaming: Soft Skills
Activities considered competitive, rules based, and allow the player to master and advance through levels based on skills in the attempt to win.
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Boredom in Online Language Classrooms: Vietnamese EFL Students' Perspectives
This denote types of language class activities explicitly and purposefully designed to balance study and play.
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Utilizing Digital Educational Games to Enhance Adult Learning
A competitive environment that resembles reality and provides a challenge for the player to reach a goal and provides an opportunity to apply subject matter knowledge in a new context.
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Games, Claims, Genres, and Learning
Refers to types of electronic games: arcade, video, and computer games.
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The Theory and Process Involved with Educational Augmented Reality Game Design
There are many different definitions for this term, however, the one used in this paper is “the voluntary attempt to overcome unnecessary obstacles.”
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Importance of New Class Teaching Methods in Curricula Development in Developing Countries
Games as a teaching method simply means including games into classes to introduce or explain content to students. Games encourage creative behavior and divergent thought and it can reduce gap between quicker and slower learners.
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Game-Based Learning in Higher Education: An Effective Pedagogical Tool for Enhanced Competency Building
An activity which is structured and has a set of rules. It can be digital and non-digital. Usually used for entertainment but of late it is being used for educational purposes.
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Digital Game Design Tutorial for Use in the Basic School: A Pedagogical Proposal
Voluntary activity separated from real life that does not produce material goods, made for fun or pleasure, that can be both analog and digital.
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