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What is GaN

Handbook of Research on Industrial Informatics and Manufacturing Intelligence: Innovations and Solutions
Gallium Nitride, compound semiconductor, has its advantage of wide-bandgap (~ 3.3 eV).
Published in Chapter:
III-V Nitride Based Novel Solid-State Terahertz Power-Source: Application in Defense and Industry
Moumita Mukherjee (Centre for Millimeter-wave Semiconductor Devices & Systems (CMSDS), Institute of Radio Physics and Electronics, University of Calcutta, India)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-4666-0294-6.ch021
The static and dynamic characteristics of Wide Bandgap GaN having different structures and doping profiles are thoroughly investigated. The study has established the potential of this WBG semiconductor in fabricating high-power IMPATT devices in the above high frequency regimes. A comparison between the device performances of WZ- & ZB- GaN IMPATTs has shown that WZ-GaN IMPATTs are superior to ZB-GaN IMPATTs as far as output power density, efficiency, and high-temperature operation are concerned. Starting with brief review on state-of-the-art THz devices and on the conventional ATT devices, a details analysis of THz frequency performances of the novel III-V Nitride semiconductor based ATT devices will be presented in this chapter. Application possibilities of such devices in defence and industrial sectors will be presented in a nutshell. Emphasis will be given on the studies on their experimental realization. Photo-sensitivity studies of the new class of devices are also the scope the chapter.
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Reconnoitering Generative Deep Learning Through Image Generation From Text
Generative Adversarial Network. A machine learning model which has two neural networks, namely Generator responsible to generate realistic images, and a Discriminator responsible to discriminate real and fake images generated by Generator.
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Full Text Chapter Download: US $37.50 Add to Cart
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