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What is Thread

Handbook of Research on Discourse Behavior and Digital Communication: Language Structures and Social Interaction
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Published in Chapter:
Gender Consciousness in Computer-Mediated Discourse in Nigeria
Tunde Onadeko (Olabisi Onabanjo University, Nigeria)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-61520-773-2.ch013
The main preoccupation of this paper is the examination of language used in computer-mediated discourse and the extent to which it mirrors the society and how far women are involved or still discriminated against in Nigerian social world. To achieve this purpose, Discourse Analysis and Hymes’ Ethnography of s.p.e.a.k.i.n.g theory is adopted due to its adequate provision for various variables in communication. Corpus from “NaijaWorld” chat forum was used. From the analysis, it is realised that online language is used for many purposes. In addition, the norms of a chatroom and the Nigerian sociolinguistic variables converge to influence the participants. Some modifications to Nigerian social status-quo were discovered, that is, man-the-norm syndrome is being eroded in Nigerian social life with some recognition accorded the rights of women.
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An Effective Analysis Method of Discussions in Bulletin Board Sites
It is a set of articles contributed by some participants and is a discussion performed on the Web. The articles are related to a specific topic and are arranged in order of their contribution time.
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Instant Messaging (IM) Literacy in the Workplace
The exchange between two communicators; each topic of discussion is a separate thread.
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Smart MM: Smart Movie Management System
It is an independent set of values for the processor registers.
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A series of remarks posted by people in a public comment section of a blog that follows a conversational and topic-related sequence.
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An Overview of Asynchronous Online Learning
The topic thread refers to hierarchical, asynchronous postings that focus on a particular topic. Threading generally promotes reflection and considered responses, and therefore overall deeper learning than that found in similar, synchronous methods.
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Promoting Learner Interaction and Personalized Learning Experiences with a Google+ Social Media Model: How to Replace the Traditional Discussion Forum
A group of discussion posts relating to a single topic. Threads simulate a back and forth conversation between people. A discussion board houses many threads.
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The Dynamics of Language Mixing in Nigerian Digital Communication
a list of messages posted on a discussion forum. A thread contains an original message and responses to that message.
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Covid Live Multi-Threaded Live COVID 19 Data Scraper
A thread is a sequential control flow or instructions (programmed) which is also called a lightweight process and can be managed by a scheduler independently, within an Operating System.
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Tracing the Non-Debatable Topic in Online Discussion
A commonly used format to visualize a discussion on a specific topic as a continuous sequence of numbered contributions
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