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What is Global Leadership

Applied Psycholinguistics and Multilingual Cognition in Human Creativity
A process of influencing the thinking, attitudes and behaviors of a global community to work together synergistically toward a common vision and common goals.
Published in Chapter:
Foreign Language Acquisition, Bilingualism, and Biculturalism: A New Theoretical Avenue for Organizational Research
Mike Szymanski (EGADE Business School, Mexico) and Komal Kalra (University of Victoria, Canada)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-5225-6992-3.ch002
Biculturals (i.e., individuals who have experienced and internalized more than one culture) are recognized as a growing demographic, and as such will become important stakeholders in organizations. An emerging stream of research from psychology and organizational studies indicates that bicultural individuals have a particular set of cognitive skills and competencies that can contribute to the performance of international teams. However, research on biculturals in organizations is facing conceptual and methodological limits due to the complex nature of the construct of culture. While the constructs of culture and language are distinct, they are undoubtedly interwoven; hence, the latter may become a tool to analyze the phenomenon of biculturalism. In this chapter, the authors analyze the literature on social identity, foreign language acquisition, and bilingualism to find potential solutions for these critical challenges.
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Global Citizen Leader: Successful Leaders Engaging in International Trade and Global Assignments
An emerging group of professionals that are adept at operating in international and multicultural contexts ( Mendenhall et al., 2008 ).
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Leadership Convergence and Divergence in the Era of Globalization
The leadership of individuals who influence and bring about significant positive changes in firms, organizations, and communities by facilitating the appropriate level of trust, organizational structures and processes, and involving multiple stakeholders, resources, cultures under the various conditions of temporal, geographical and cultural complexity.
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International Joint Ventures at the Crossroads: Building Leadership Bridges
The bridging of people between organizations yet across established demarcations, boundaries, and borders through the reciprocal benefit of culture, resources pooling, and intellectual property.
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Scholarly Practices for Global Educational Leaders
Scholars have not agreed on an accepted definition for global leadership ( Javidan & Walker, 2012 ; Mendenhall, 2013 ; Osland, 2013 ). However, for the purpose of this study, the researcher relies on Mendenhall, Reiche, Bird, and Osland’s (2012) proposed definition: “A global leader is an individual who inspires a group of people to willingly pursue a positive vision in an effectively organized fashion while fostering individual and collective growth in a context characterized by significant levels of complexity, flow, and presence” (p. 75).
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